Edelrid Swift Pro Dry ColorTec 8.9 mm

Triple rated rope, fully treated - mountaineering and alpine climbing. Available in 60, 70, and 80 m. Show more >
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Edelrid Swift Pro Dry ColorTec 8.9 mm

This is the Edelrid Swift Pro Dry CT 8.9 mm. The CT stands for 'ColourTec'. Rather than a standard middle marker, you can locate the middle of the rope by finding the point where the colour changes. This should make it easier to find, as the rope is essentially split into two sections. Plus, it's easier to identify which end of the rope is which so you can even out its use.

Tech specs

TYPETriple Rated
NO. OF UIAA FALLS(Single) 5, (Half) 22, (Twin) 22
IMPACT FORCE(Single) 8.8 kN, (Half) 6.7 kN, (Twin) 10.4 kN
DYNAMIC ELONGATION DURING FIRST FALL(Single) 33%, (Half) 30%, (Twin) 28%
STATIC ELONGATION(Single) 9.8%, (Half) 6.5%, (Twin) 3%


Swift Pro Dry ColorTec 8.9 mm


• Triple rated: single, half, and twin
• ColorTec braiding technology
• Minimal weight and diameter, excellent handling
• Pro Dry treatment
• Thermo Shield treatment for perfect handling
• Not suitable for working routes or top roping

Swift Pro Dry ColorTec 8.9 mm

Pro Dry Treatment

Pro Dry treatment: absorbs virtually no water. (Water absorption < 2 %, UIAA Dry Standard.)

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Swift Pro Dry ColorTec 8.9 mm
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