Edelrid Swift Pro Dry 8.9mm - Last Season's

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**Last Season's version at discounted price.** Edelrid have taken their classic, versatile Swift rope and added full dry treatment to make the Swift Pro Dry. ... Show more >
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Edelrid Swift Pro Dry 8.9mm - Last Season's

Last Season's version at discounted price.

Edelrid have taken their classic, versatile Swift rope and added full dry treatment to make the Swift Pro Dry. Not only is the Swift Pro Dry the world’s skinniest triple-certified rope on the market, it’s also fully dry treated, which means it’s even better for alpine climbing. Whether you’re using it as a single, double or half rope, the 8.9mm diameter combined with Edelrid’s Thermo Shield treatment makes it light and easy to handle – the perfect climbing rope for those who don’t want to stop at just one type of climbing.

Tech specs

IMPACT FORCE 8,8/6,7/10,4
ROPE TYPE Single / Double / Twin
NO. OF FALLS 5/22/22


Swift Pro Dry 8.9mm - Last Season's


Thermoshield is a heat treatment that gives Edelrid ropes their great handling and smoothness. Heat treating a rope helps to shrink and harmonise all the fibres in the rope, which helps it to stay compact and easy-to-handle for the duration of its life, unlike non-heat-treated ropes, which can often suddenly become stiff and wear out more quickly.

Swift Pro Dry 8.9mm - Last Season's

Bluesign Approved

Bluesign is an international standard for fabric production, which ensures that stringent environmental, safety and efficiency standards are are met by any fabric bearing its logo. Bluesign fabrics use fewer chemicals, less water, safer processes and highly efficient manufacturing techniques to ensure that the creation of your new jacket, rope or backpack doesn’t destroy the world you hope to use it to enjoy.

Swift Pro Dry 8.9mm - Last Season's

Pro Dry

Pro Dry is Edelrid’s full-rope dry treatment, meaning that both the sheath and the core of the rope have been chemically treated to resist water, dirt and grime. While it’s not fully waterproof, Pro Dry ropes will only absorb a maximum of 2% of the rope’s weight in wet conditions, compared to the 50% of an untreated rope. SO not only does Pro Dry treatment protect your rope from the elements, it’s thermo-sealed, which makes for even better handling, durability and longevity.

4 product reviews

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Swift Pro Dry 8.9mm - Last Season's
Based on 45 ratings
Single rope

It is a light and reliable single rope.
Will be your companion on a difficult route



Edelrid at its finest

This is my fourth Edelrid rope and I am more than satisfied with it. I already own an 80 and 70 m rope which I mainly use for sport climbing and Apus double rope. Now I have Swift 60 m for alpine use. What can I say? Very durable, soft and can be used straight out of the package with no kinks and twists as you can get with other ropes. This is very important for me, especially in alpine environment when after a couple of pithes of climbing and using clove hitch on belays the rope is still kinks free.

It is also very soft and doing knots with it is just pure poetry. When new it can be a bit slippery so tight your knots well but after a couple of uses this issue is resolved. I must say that I am a big fan of soft ropes as they are easier to feed through a belay device and handling with this rope is far more superiror than with the stiffer ones.

The rope is quite light, which comes in hand for long alpine aproaches and descents. And if I stuff my backpack smartly than I can fit all of my climbing gear, clothes, food, water, rope and helmet in my 28 l pack.

The rope comes with a marked half which is very useful for leader to let him know that he already used the first half of the rope. Obviously the marking is also very useful when preparing for a rappel as you seen where the middle is and you can just feed the rope through the anchor until you see the marking.

The dry treatment sheads water and dirt really well and I have yet to see the rope to freeze up. Even after a couple days of use in snowy conditions and overnight freeze the rope is soft and flexible in the morning. It's nice to see that at least the rope is not frozen after a cold bivi as our buts are.

Edelrid ropes may be a bit more pricey but they are worth every cant you pay. They really make a difference after a handful of uses when they perform the same as when they were brand new and this is what we seek in ropes I guess.

This may sound as a paid advert for Edelrid but I really like the ropes they make and in the past I owned ropes from Mammut, Beal, Salewa, Sterling and none of them came even close to Edelrid Swift. I am confident that this rope will be my trusted partner on many ascents and adventures to come. Great product!

Super happy

My first own rope. Very satisfied! A+

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