Edelrid Swift Eco Dry 8.9mm

The Edelrid Swift Eco Dry is the word’s first ever PFC-free rope that meets the UIAA Water Repellent standard. Ropes don’t get eco-friendlier than this. Show more >
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Edelrid Swift Eco Dry 8.9mm

The Edelrid Swift Eco Dry is the ultimate all-round rope, and it can now add eco-friendly to its bag of tricks. If you want to minimise on kit and maximise on versatility, the Swift Eco Dry is the rope for you. Triple certified, eco-friendly dry treatment and thermo-shield treatment for superb handling. Edelrid have set the benchmark for all-round ropes with eco-friendly technology.

Tech specs

ROPE TYPESingle / Double / Twin
NO. OF FALLS7 / 22 / 22
IMPACT FORCE8,8 / 6,7 / 10,4
STATIC ELONGATION9,0% / 8,6% / 5,3%


Swift Eco Dry 8.9mm

In a Nutshell

- Thermo Shield treatment for perfect handling
- Not suitable for working routes or top roping
- Pro Dry for outstanding dirt and water resistance
- Certified as a twin, double and single rope
- Water absorption less than 2% as per UIAA Water Repellent Test
- 3D lap coiled so you can use it straight away, without kinking and tangling

Swift Eco Dry 8.9mm

Eco Dry

Edelrid's Eco Dry technology provides the same water-resistant performance as Edelrid Pro Dry, which means your rope will absorb less than 2% of its total weight in water, but made with a formula that includes no harmful chemicals. Yay!

Swift Eco Dry 8.9mm

Thermoshield Treatment

Thermo Shield is a thermal stabilising process for the rope that gives it the signature EDELRID handling characteristics and feel. The rope undergoes a heat treatment cure to stabilise and harmonise the individual yarns. This treatment cannot be washed out and ensures a supple rope throughout its working life.

Swift Eco Dry 8.9mm

Bluesign® Certified

Products bearing the bluesign® logo have committed to using sustainable ingredients and a clean manufacturing process to minimise any negative impacts upon people and the environment. Bluesign® aims to create a textile industry that manages natural resources soundly and responsibly, reduces water and air emissions, improves its wastewater treatment, and generally reduces its ecological footprint to create safer products for consumers that cause less harm to the environment.

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Swift Eco Dry 8.9mm
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