Edelrid Canary Pro Dry 8.6 mm

Triple rated rope, fully treated - high-level sport climbing, mountaineering and alpine climbing. Available in 40, 50, 60, and 70 m lengths. Show more >
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Edelrid Canary Pro Dry 8.6 mm

This is the Edelrid Canary Pro Dry 8.6 mm. It's a triple rated rope that's fully water-resistant, so you can use it as a single rope for sport climbing, or as a half/twin rope for mountaineering and alpine climbing. It weighs just 51 g/m which makes it one of the lightest single ropes on the market.

Features of the Canary Pro Dry include 3D Lap Coiling, which means you don't have to unroll the rope before using it for the first time, and bluesign® certification to show that it's been produced in an eco-friendly way.

Tech specs

TYPETriple Rated
NO. OF UIAA FALLS(Single) 5, (Half) 24, (Twin) 30
IMPACT FORCE(Single) 8.4 kN, (Half) 6.4 kN, (Twin) 10.6 kN
DYNAMIC ELONGATION DURING FIRST FALL(Single) 32%, (Half) 31%, (Twin) 28%
STATIC ELONGATION(Single) 7.4%, (Half) 7.1%, (Twin) 5.6%


Canary Pro Dry 8.6 mm


• Middle marker
• bluesign® approved
• 3D lap coiling process
• Pro Dry treatment

Canary Pro Dry 8.6 mm

Pro Dry Treatment

Pro Dry treatment: absorbs virtually no water. (Water absorption < 2 %, UIAA Dry Standard.)

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Canary Pro Dry 8.6 mm
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