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Max Climbing Maxgrip

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The Max Climbing Maxgrip is a warm-up tool, strength trainer, and travel trainer all in one. The Maxgrip features six different gripping positions and, unlike static... Show more >
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Max Climbing Maxgrip

The Max Climbing Maxgrip is a warm-up tool, strength trainer, and travel trainer all in one. The Maxgrip features six different gripping positions and, unlike static fingerboards, their free-hanging design forces you to activate your core and use the stabiliser muscles that are usually neglected during training. Whether you want your holds up high up or down low to the floor, the rope length adjusters allow you to quickly change the rope length for various exercises. For instance:

Training with uneven loads by hanging one hold higher than the other.
Push-up exercises with your hands on the Maxgrips offer a great challenge, activating your stabilising muscles.
Suspension trainer setup in order to train your antagonists and work on your posture.

Just like the Rockblob, the Maxgrip is a great solution for your mobile climbing gym or as a warm-up tool. You can easily take them on a travel, to a crag, to a competition or simply to the gym and suspend them to a tree branch, truss or indoor climbing wall, using the appropriate accessories.

Check out Max Climbing's Training Videos to see the range of pulling and pushing exercises that can be performed with the Maxgrip.

Tech specs

DIMENSIONS21.5 x 15 x 10.5 cm

3 product reviews

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Perfect for home training

Maxgrips are a versatile alternative for a traditional fingerboard. I'm a beginner and this is the first and only thing I've incorporated into my training besides actually climbing.

The holds provide plenty of options: crimps, pinches, slopers and a jug. For a beginner the holds provide enough challenge for a long time. No pockets though.

What I like especially is that I can lower the grips close to the floor and do "assisted" hanging in a body row position. This way you can also activate your core muscles in a position similar to overhanging routes.

The only (tiny) complaint I have is that doing multiple repetitions of pinches can be a bit of a hassle since the holds rotate naturally to a wrong position and have to be readjusted after every rest.

New finger grip to replace my hanging balls

Very good product and much more polyvalent than my old school ball.

The perfect tranning tool...

I mount it right down of my fingerboard and the results were perfect! this is exactly what makes any fingerboard, the full extra training board! Anyone who has a fb , has to mount this too! absolute strengthen and duration training if you want a small gym in your house!I Wish i could upload a photo!
It is much better than the metolius rock rings, and much harder as well! Multiple choices of different grips in such a small training tool! Just perfect!

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