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Max Climbing Maxgrip Hybrid

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A portable and compact training device for finger strength and antagonist training. We've made a video on the Maxgrip so you can it in action. Click through to watch. The new Hybrid version is made with a wood finish, so it will feel a bit more like training on a Beastmaker. Show more >
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Max Climbing Maxgrip Hybrid

The Max Climbing Maxgrip Hybrid is a multi-functional accessory for training finger strength whilst travelling, warming up with at the crag, or for use as an antagonist training tool and climbing trainer in one. 6 different positions let you train on crimps, slopers, pinches, and jugs, all whilst activating the core and stabiliser muscles that aren't engaged on fixed bars and finger boards. The top hold is a lovely jug for training pull ups and antagonist work, like dips, flys, and push ups. If you're looking for a two-in-one TRX alternative, the Maxgrip is a portable and compact solution to training.

Tech specs

SET INCLUDES2x Maxgrip hold & 2x rope + rope length adjuster


Maxgrip Hybrid


• Can be used as a warm-up tool at the crag
• Portable, for training whilst travelling
• Train with uneven loads by hanging one hold higher than the other
• Push-up exercises with your hands on the Maxgrips offer a great challenge, activating your stabilising muscles
• Suspension trainer setup in order to train your antagonists and work on your posture.

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Maxgrip Hybrid
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