GripMonkeys Calisthenics Wood Parallettes

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GripMonkeys Calisthenics Wood Parallettes

The GripMonkeys Calisthenics Wood Parallettes are Olympic-quality wooden parallettes for home or gym use. The choice of thousands of gymnasts and callisthenics experts, the GripMonkeys Calisthenics Wood Parallettes feature solid beech wood with ergonomic handles provides long-lasting skin comfort and prevents damage, both to the skin and to the joints, whilst a wide base ensures they will not wobble or slip.


• Stabilise your wrists, shoulders, and elbows to build a solid foundation for gymnastic strength
• Improve your upper body and core strength, while training better joint alignment and overall balance.
• These low parallettes will keep you safe from handstanding at heights and also leave you with plenty of room to straighten up your legs.
• Chosen by thousands of gymnasts and calisthenics athletes.

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Calisthenics Wood Parallettes
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