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Café Kraft Gimme Kraft Parallettes

Premium wooden parallettes for antagonistic and core training. Show more >
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Café Kraft Gimme Kraft Parallettes

The Gimme Kraft Parallettes are lightweight solutions to progressing your antagonistic and core training. Parallettes make exercises like handstands, L-sits, and the planche, easier and less harmful to your wrists than performing then on the floor. If you're looking to start training your antagonist muscles, want to slowly progress into harder floor exercises, and train your core, the parallettes are a great addition to your home gym.


Gimme Kraft Parallettes


• Two mini bars (max. load: 80 kgs per bar)
• Material: bar: beech solid wood; lateral parts: birch multiplex
• Measures in cms: 21 (H) x 21 (B) x 42,5 (L)
• Bar diameter: 4 cms

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Gimme Kraft Parallettes
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