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Alpidex Sling Trainer Master 5000 Climber

A climbing-specific suspension trainer... for climbers. Show more >
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Alpidex Sling Trainer Master 5000 Climber

Aside from having a bit of a mental name, the Alpidex Sling Trainer Master 5000 is a useful tool for climbers who want to train climbing-specific exercises with a suspension trainer. The Master 5000 can be used as a standard suspension trainer to train the antagonist, core, and stabiliser muscles, but if you swap out the soft handles for the burlier wooden balls provided, you can train grip and forearm strength across all of these exercises. Or just hang off them and feel the burn. An ideal addition to your home gym or a mobile training system.

Trees in the park, fixing in your door (the door anchor is included in delivery), fixation at a climbing wall - just exercise wherever and whenever.

Tech specs

SET INCLUDES:Sling-Trainer with foam coated handles and door anchor plus hand-loops and 2 wooden balls 5 cm each + 2 wooden balls 7 cm each


Sling Trainer Master 5000 Climber


• Maximum load: 150 kg
• Slings made of high-quality accessory cords
• Can be used indoors and outdoors
• Wooden balls in different sizes
• High-quality carabiners

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Sling Trainer Master 5000 Climber
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