Alpidex OSCHI Wood Training Ball 23 cm

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Alpidex OSCHI Wood Training Ball 23 cm

At 23 cm, the Oschi Training Ball can be used to train grip and sloper strength whilst also activating the core and stabiliser muscles. Simply hang it from a fixing or a bolt and pull... hard.

Can be used for dead hangs, pull ups, levers, whatever takes your fancy. Made from natural beech wood for the best grip and kindness to skin.


OSCHI Wood Training Ball 23 cm


• Effective training for integrated muscle building and grip strength
• Can be used in the office, in the gym, your home, etc.
• Large 23 cm diameter
• Loop made from high quality cord (7 mm)
• Ball Material: Beech wood, natural
• Maximum load: 200 kg

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OSCHI Wood Training Ball 23 cm
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