Black Diamond Zip Lantern

A lantern and flashlight in one to reduce the amount of gear you need to take with you. Available in Powell Blue, Octane, and Granite. Show more >
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Black Diamond Zip Lantern

The Black Diamond Zip Lantern is both a lantern and a flashlight, in one. You can use it in lantern mode to illuminate the inside of your tent or whilst at camp, and then you can switch it to flashlight mode should you need to look for something or find your way in the dark. 150 lumens in lantern mode and 90 lumens in flashlight mode provide ample lighting, and with a collapsible hook it can be easily hung.

Tech specs

MAX LUMENS[Lantern] 150, [Flashlight] 100
MAX DISTANCES[Lantern] 6m, [Flashlight] 20m
MAX BURNTIMES[Lantern Low] 12 h, [Flashlight Low] 100 h
WEIGHT55 g (103 g with batteries)
LED TYPE5 LED [Lantern] 1 LED [Flashlight]
BATTERY TYPE4 AAA (not included)


Zip Lantern


• 1 LED with 150 lumens (max setting) is enclosed in frosted globe for bright, ambient light in lantern mode
• 1 LED with 90 lumens in the bottom to provide a bright, precise beam in flashlight mode
• Lantern, flashlight and dimming modes all operate from single switch
• Collapsible top hang loop
• Powered by 4 AAA batteries

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Zip Lantern
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