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Black Diamond Spaceshot Tee S/S Men

Organic cotton and elastane for comfort and stretch. Show more >
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Black Diamond Spaceshot Tee S/S Men

The Black Diamond Spaceshot Tee S/S Men is a to-the-moon-and-back climbing t-shirt with the soft and fresh feel of organic cotton. Made from an organic cotton jersey (96% organic cotton, 4% elastane), the Black Diamond Spaceshot Tee S/S Men has the breathable, bacteria-inhibiting properties of cotton with the stretch and mobility of the small but noticeable elastane content. Designed for warm days spent at the crag, extended climbing trips, and everyday wear.

Tech specs

MATERIAL(S)Organic cotton jersey (160 gsm, 96% organic cotton, 4% Elastane)


Spaceshot Tee S/S Men

Organic Cotton Jersey

Durable, breathable, comfortable and non-clinging, and naturally bacteria and odour-inhibiting, organic cotton's tough fibers are able to stand up to repeated washes, allows the skin to breathe, is soft to the touch, resists smells clinging to it, and prevents the growth of bacteria. Aside from that, it is much more sustainable than standard cotton, using non-GMO (genetically-modified) seeds and no harsh pesticides or insecticides, making it kinder to skin and much more environmentally-friendly. Organic cotton can thus go longer in between washes and remain comfortable making it great for outdoor sports, and supports sustainability and fair working conditions. 4% elastane for additional stretch.

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Spaceshot Tee S/S Men
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