Dragon Marquis 2016

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Marquis 2016

The Marquis is Dragon’s reimagining of a classic design. With sleek lines and attention to detail, it’s an all-round classic in the making. Lightweight and durable with the perfect amount of head-turning capability, Danny Davis loves them, and we love them, too.

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100% UV Protection

Most plastic or glass lenses provide some sort of UV protection because the surface structure disrupts UV rays on their way to your eye. Lenses that provide 100% UV protection have been treated especially to block out all harmful rays, so your eyes and vision stay protected.

Ionized lenses

Ionized is Dragon’s way of saying ‘mirrored’ and accounts for the brightly coloured, highly reflective lenses that are common in sunglasses and snow goggles. The mirrored coating reflects visible light (as opposed to UV rays that we can’t see) but still keeps the wearer’s field of vision bright. Different coloured coatings have different reflective properties, for example, blues and greens allow for less light transmission, so are therefore better suited to bright, sunny conditions, while pinks, golds and greys are better suited to low light, cloudy conditions. Different coatings can be used together to make pretty effects on the lens, as well as provide less light transmission.

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Marquis 2016
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