Pin Go! Clipstick

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3-in-1 design: clips the bolts, clips the rope into quickdraws, and grabs the rope when it's out of reach. Show more >
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Pin Go! Clipstick

The Pin Go! Clipstick makes clipping bolts on sport climbs faster and easier by using a one-of-a-kind design. The Pin Go! Clipstick places quickdraws in a much easier-to-clip angle (from the ground) than standard clipsticks. Plus it features the option to clip just the rope into pre-placed quickdraws, or grab the end of the rope if it hangs out of reach. No more need to stack quickdraws on top of one another in order to have the rope clipped. All that and still the lightest clipstick on the market.

Tech specs

LENGTH52 cm–2.35 m


Pin Go! Clipstick

• Features an extended length of 2,35 m (7,70 ft) so, you can reach bolts at a height of around 5 m (16,40 ft)
• Thanks to its lightness and compact design, you won’t notice it inside your backpack or hanging from your harness as its closed length is only 52cm (1,70 ft)
• Pin Go! is made of fibreglass (other clipsticks are made with more rigid materials) to avoid permanent shape loss
• Comes with an elastic band that can be easily replaced in case of an accidental tear or being damaged after long-term use

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Excellent piece of equipment. Light, easy to use, and works every time. The elastic band locks the gate open consistently with no fuss. It's not extremely long, and can be tricky if the first clip is in a strange position (it flexes quite a bit fully extended) but works for 99% of first bolts

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