Mammut Magic Sling 12mm

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The Mammut Magic Sling features a unique Dyneema construction, which massively improves strength, abrasion resistance and longevity for for improved safety across all types of climbing. Show more >
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Mammut Magic Sling 12mm

The next step in sling safety, the Mammut Magic Sling features brand new construction method to make your climbing experience much safer and therefore funner and better. Made from a seamless circle of Dyneema (the world’s strongest fibre) yarns surrounded by an abrasion-resistant coating, this sling is super strong. Because it doesn’t have a load-bearing seam, its knot strength is significantly higher than conventional slings, plus the protective coating massively reduces damage due to sun exposure. Ideal for all types of climbing, the Magic Sling will soon become an essential part of your gear collection.

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Magic Sling 12mm

Full Features

- Brand new construction
- Seamless Dyneema core
- Abrasion-resistant protective sheath
- Higher knot strength than conventional slings
- Coating prevents sun damage

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Magic Sling 12mm
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Excellent sling for a wide variety of rock types

Both the 60cm and 120cm slings are excellent over a wide range of rock types - have used these on granite, dolerite, harsh Pembroke limestone and gritstone, and the slings show little signs of wear. I'm pretty confident these will last me a long time. The slings are great for threads in particular as the slight stiffness and sheath construction make them easy to place and remove. Would recommend the sling for big multipitch routes and climbs of a serious nature where safety is the main concern, as the slings are billed as being able to retain more strength than nylon or Dyneema when knotted (let's be honest, you can't always avoid tying knots in your slings). However, these are less helpful on quick and light ascents, as the slings aren't particularly light and are fairly bulky when racked on a karabiner - I'd rather carry 6mm or 8mm Dyneema slings for those occasions. If Mammut could make the magic sling in 8mm, these slings would be perfect.

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