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Rhino Rhino Split

A natural hand cream specifically designed to heal splits and cracks in the skin. Ingredients include beeswax and arnica to both disinfect and aid in the repair of boo boos. Show more >
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Rhino Rhino Split

Rhino's Split is designed to heal splits and cracks in the skin. Its beeswax base is enriched with vitamin E, honey, arnica, and tea tree oil to disinfect and speed up recovery of any skin injuries. A great addition to any post-climb skin recovery routine.

ADVICE ON HOW TO USE: Split does not replace proper wound care and hygiene and must only be used as a post-treatment. First, clean all wounds with soap and water, pat dry, and apply stick before covering loosely with a breathable bandage. If the affected area turns white from being covered, take the cover off and let the skin dry until it is pink again. Apply Split Stick as necessary to maintain a flexible, hydrated environment.

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Rhino Split
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