Rhino Rhino Performance

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Reduces sweating in the hands and feet but is formulated to not cause over-drying so as to prevent dry splits and cracks. Show more >
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Rhino Rhino Performance

Rhino Performance is a non-aluminium, all-natural anti-perspirant for climbers who want to reduce sweating without over-drying their hands or feet. The Performance cream is formulated for anyone who suffers with cracking, splitting, or slow generation skin but would still like to inhibit sweating.

• Takes 2-8 hours to be effective
• For greater effect use 2 days in a row
• Formulated to be used up to 7 days in a row
• No need to wash it off or cover hands like with other anti-perspirants

CAUTION: These instructions are only recommendations. Pay attention to your own skin type and moderate use appropriately, as overuse may cause glassy, dry splits. Use caution when applying the Dry spray and Performance cream together.

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Rhino Performance
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A powerful tool on your skin care kit

When your skin is a bit wasted is normal to sweat more than normal, during rocktrips is when this product shines beucause of the repair function plus the inhibitiion of sweating on our fingers.
In my humble opinion this works for me as a standard repair product as it keeps my fingers a little bit dryer and helps the regrowth of my skin without the cracking problem that other anti-perspirant involves. Nowadays skin care products ar as important as chalk for bouldering performance.

If you have a big trouble with sweaty fingers it may not be enough, look at the rhino dry or the infamous and danger antihydral.

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