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Rhino Rhino Mikey's Tip Juice

The highest-strength anti-perspirant Rhino offer. This juice causes extreme dryness in the fingertips of those who suffer from high levels of perspiration and grease. Show more >
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Rhino Rhino Mikey's Tip Juice

Mikey's Tip Juice is Rhino's maximum strength anti-perspirant designed for highly sweaty fingertips. It's formulated to be used just once a week by people who are experienced with Rhino's products, and it should be used sparingly as it causes extreme dryness in the hands. DO NOT get it in the creases of the fingers, cuts, open wounds, eyes, nose—basically any part of the skin that is not your finger pad. Tip Juice comes with a brush-on applicator so you can apply carefully and precisely to the desired area.

• Product activates after 8 hours and effects last for up to 7 days

CAUTION: These instructions are only recommendations. Pay attention to your own skin type and moderate use appropriately, as overuse may cause glassy, dry splits.

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Rhino Mikey's Tip Juice
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