Crimp Oil Crimp Oil Arnica 30ml

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Crimp Oil Arnica 30ml, arnica products, crimp oil, treating climbing injuries, finger injury treatment

Crimp Oil Arnica is a 100% natural and organic formula made from essential oils and plant extracts aimed to treat climbing injuries and promote healthy joints and muscles, particularly in your fingers. Crimp Oil Arnica has all the ingredients of the original Crimp Oil but with the added bonus of arnica to treat injuries with bruising. Crimp Oil Arnica is a natural anti-inflammatory and can be applied before or after climbing to keep your muscles happy and healthy, while reducing the aches and soreness in your fingers after a heavy session. It can also be applied three or four times a day to injuries for natural pain relief and healthy healing.

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Crimp Oil Arnica 30ml

What’s in Crimp Oil Arnica and What Does it Do?

• Helichrysum Italicum (Curry Plant) Essential Oil - anti-inflammatory, anti-bruising and promotes skin renewal.
• Geranium Essential Oil - anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and promotes skin renewal.
• Wintergreen Essential Oil - strong pain-killer, eases cramps and muscle spasms.
• Lavandin Super Essential Oil – like lavender but a little different, for relaxing muscles, soothing and calming.
• Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil - anti-inflammatory, anti-tendonitis and anti-rheumatism
• Peppermint Essential Oil - for shock, trauma and pain-relief
• Equisetum Arvense extract - its silicon compound promotes tissue and cartilage renewal
• Arnica CO2 Extract – Arnica is a natural anti-inflammatory and is used to treat bruises. The CO2 extract is a more effective way of extracting beneficial substances from plants than using essential oils, and means it’s closer to the biological make-up of the plant, making it more effective.

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Crimp Oil Arnica 30ml
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