Climbskin Climbskin Hand Cream

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Climbskin Climbskin Hand Cream

Got sore skin? Well, here is your solution! It has some of the best performing skin regenerative agents all from nature. Climbskin absorbs very quickly into your skin and doesn't leave you with a slippery oily greasy layer on your skin unlike many other skincare products, which can make every task with your hand's as difficult and slippery as catching a lubed up penguin. You can apply it after climbing and even before climbing because of how quickly it absorbs into your skin. It's so good that even Chris Sharma uses it!

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Climbskin Hand Cream

> Aloe Vera
> Buckthorn Oil
> Aquillea Millenfolium
> Shea Butter
> Tincture of benzoin (Styrax benzoin)
> Dragon’s Blood (not actually the blood of a Dragon... It's from a tree)
> Rose Hip
> Centella Asiatica (3%)

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Climbskin Hand Cream
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