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8c+ Moisturiser 50 ml

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Hand cream that moisturises the skin after using magnesium chalk. Show more >
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8c+ Moisturiser 50 ml

The 8C+ Moisturiser contains Aloe Vera, Musk Rose Oil, and Jojoba Oil to rejuvenate the skin and repair the damage caused by climbing. It's especially effective at improving and relieving the dryness of the hands caused by magnesium chalk.

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Moisturiser 50 ml
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Normal hand crem

The hand cream moisturizes well after using magnesium. But for my taste it does not regenerate enough the skin hands. The crem had natural products like Musk Rose Oil and this are very healty for our skin and this is good!

"For athletes who consume magnesium"

Bought this hand cream to get my order total over the free shipping limit. Have been using the product for couple of months and what can I say, it's a hand cream like any other.

The bottle is small and easy to carry with you to the gym or outdoors. The pump dispenser also lets you moisturize your hands without ruining the whole cream with chalk.

In the end, the suggested price seems way too high, since it doesn't have any advantages over a regular hand cream you can get from your local drugstore.

The packaging is also lacking, at least in the English instructions.

Buy it if you find a good deal and need to reach the free shipping limit.

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