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Tendon Master Pro 9.2

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The Tendon Master Pro 9.2 is for sport climbers who want to use small diameter ropes but are not satisfied with their lifespans. The Tendon Master Pro 9.2 is able... Show more >
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Tendon Master Pro 9.2

The Tendon Master Pro 9.2 is for sport climbers who want to use small diameter ropes but are not satisfied with their lifespans. The Tendon Master Pro 9.2 is able to withstand as many falls as the 9.9 mm rope and also features the SBS Sheath that not only enhances abrasion-resistance to increase the rope's lifespan but also makes the rope easier to handle and "run" smoother through belay devices for faster belaying. Tendon say that their development engineers have worked hard to achieve a high softness that you will become immediately fond of and will not want to change, a "new breed" of sport climbing ropes.

Tech specs



Master Pro 9.2

SBS Sheath

The Simple Braid System is a system in which each strand is plaited independently into the sheath and not in pairs, one after the other. The result of this braiding system is a more compact sheath with a smoother surface that generates lower friction forces and are more resistant to abrasion and damage from rock surfaces. The compactness of this sheath also reduces the amount of small particles that penetrate the rope’s fibres, and this in turn reduces damage to the inner structure of the sheath and the entire rope. The SBS sheath is more pleasant to the touch, makes handling of the rope easier, the rope “runs” better, and it’s perfectly flexible. (Please note that, due to the lower friction, the ropes are slippier and faster in belaying devices, therefore it is useful to have certain experience and confidence in belaying before using this type of rope.)

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Master Pro 9.2
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Amazing Rope

I've had this rope for about 9 months now. Got it on sale during christmas time and it was my first rope. Climbing both outside and in the gym this rope has been tremendous. Feels great in the hand and to clip with, has a beautiful and clean look, and is also incredibly durable. Only within the past month or so have I started to notice any sort of minor wear on the rope and that's mainly because it nicked a sharp rock.

I highly recommend this rope for top and sport climbing. Also you'll get a lot of compliments at the crag for how pretty the rope is too :)

Definitely going to buy another one of these in the near future so my friends can climb at the same time.

Very poor lifespans

Quite disappointed with this rope. Despite what is written, it has deteriorated really quickly. I had to cut the end after less than a month of usage (climbing twice a week)
Now it's been 6 month I bought it and I already cut more than 20m of it. Furthermore, it has now a "cable" feeling and it's not really nice to use it anymore.
Regarding it's high price, I would definitely not recommend to buy it

Great rope

Although the price is high, it is definitely worth it, I use it outdoors and indoors regularly and it's still in great condition. It's a little slippery in the belay device for the first few uses but it is a beautiful rope and is super light to take everywhere

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