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Beal Tiger 10 mm UNICORE Dry Cover

The Beal Tiger 10 mm UNICORE Dry Cover is a introductory single rope designed for climbers who want to start using higher performance single ropes without sacrificing durability. It features the UNICORE process to eliminate sheath slippage and a Dry Cover treatment to repel moisture, dirt, and dust and make the rope more versatile. Show more >
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Beal Tiger 10 mm UNICORE Dry Cover

Beal's introductory single rope for those who want to start using thinner, faster running ropes. Despite its diameter, the Beal Tiger 10 mm Unicore Dry Cover is recommended for use by climbers who are proficient and confident in their belay technique. A Dry Cover treatment adds water and dirt-repellency to prolong the life of the rope should it be used in wet or, especially, muddy, dusty, or dirty areas.

Tech specs

IMPACT FORCE7.5 - 7.6 kN


Tiger 10 mm UNICORE Dry Cover


• Diameter adapted to fit all autolocking belay devices
• Easy to clip and to manipulate
• The rope sheath doesn't bunch and remains supple
• Thermo Fluid treatment makes the rope more compact and manageable

Tiger 10 mm UNICORE Dry Cover


The UNICORE process permanently bonds the sheath and core of the rope together to eliminate sheath slippage, the name given to the amount of sheath that bunches up, usually at the ends of the rope, revealing the rope's inner core.

Tiger 10 mm UNICORE Dry Cover

Dry Cover

A water-repellent treatment added to the sheath of the rope to prevent the absorption of moisture and penetration of dirt into the rope's fibres.

Tiger 10 mm UNICORE Dry Cover

1 Rope 1 Tree

Beal takes their environmental responsibility seriously. They divide their efforts between two main approaches. Firstly, Beal run an exceptional programme, in which they plant a tree for every single dynamic rope purchased. They’ve been doing this since 2007 and have no plans to stop! Secondly, Beal organises the recycling of ropes when they reach the end of their life. Every Beal rope is recyclable, and anyone can send their used Beal rope to one of their recycling departments, where they are broken down and reused. Top work Beal! For more info, check out their website: https://www.beal-planet.com/en/dna/eco-responsibility/

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Tiger 10 mm UNICORE Dry Cover
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