Beal Karma 9.8mm

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The Beal Karma 9.8mm is an intermediate single-rope with a balance between handling (grip and control) and thinness (speed) to provide a rope for sport, outdoor... Show more >
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Beal Karma 9.8mm

The Beal Karma 9.8mm is an intermediate single-rope with a balance between handling (grip and control) and thinness (speed) to provide a rope for sport, outdoor, and indoor climbers looking to advance their level and get used to smaller rope diameters. Part of Beal’s “Active Line”, the Karma 9.8mm is a one-rope-fits-all style, designed to cover the largest range of climbing disciplines as possible. Suitable for all-round climbers in need of a versatile rope.

Tech specs

NO. OF FALLS[UIAA] 8-9, [Beal Guarantee] 7


Karma 9.8mm

Full Features List

• Equilibrium between ease of handling and rope speed for climbers who want to progress to smaller and faster ropes
• Active Line ropes are designed to handle as many different types of climbing so as to be truly versatile
• Ecological construction (no chemical treatments or dye)

Karma 9.8mm

1 Rope 1 Tree

Beal takes their environmental responsibility seriously. They divide their efforts between two main approaches. Firstly, Beal run an exceptional programme, in which they plant a tree for every single dynamic rope purchased. They’ve been doing this since 2007 and have no plans to stop! Secondly, Beal organises the recycling of ropes when they reach the end of their life. Every Beal rope is recyclable, and anyone can send their used Beal rope to one of their recycling departments, where they are broken down and reused. Top work Beal! For more info, check out their website: https://www.beal-planet.com/en/dna/eco-responsibility/

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Karma 9.8mm
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So much to love

There are a lot of reasons everyone loves this rope. I get compliments on it every time I flake it out. It handles well, feels durable and is not super heavy. It feels like a thin 9.8, if that makes sense, which I love. It's also just very pretty


I really like this new rope. The only thing with it just like at any other new ropes that it slips a little bit in the belay but everything else is great! :)

Great classic rope

Great rope value for money, nothing really bad. If you want something to start this is the best rope in my opinion, then you can review if you want something lighter or thinner!

great rope!

it is exactly what it says.
Great feeling when belaying, light and flexible when leading.
robust and light, making it easy to carry!

Decent gym rope

I bought 80 meters and split it in two with a friend to get a cheap beater gym rope for lead climbing. It looks surprisingly thin for a 9.8 rope and feeds through a gri-gri well. Unfortunately it's rather stiff when belaying and gets kinks often. I'm happy with it considering the price and what I use it for.

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