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Beal Diablo 10.2mm UNICORE

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The Beal Diablo 10.2mm is a multi-purpose climbing rope with a thickness that makes it very easy to handle, and a UNICORE treatment gives the sensation of using... Show more >
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Beal Diablo 10.2mm UNICORE

The Beal Diablo 10.2mm is a multi-purpose climbing rope with a thickness that makes it very easy to handle, and a UNICORE treatment gives the sensation of using a much thinner rope, suitable for sport climbers or indoor climbers looking for a rope with great durability. Beal’s UNICORE treatment gives the Diablo 10.2mm a much higher immunity to sheath slippage, meaning the rope’s sheath won’t bunch up in places, making it difficult to pass through ascenders or belay/rappel devices. The result is a much stronger rope that will maintain its original performance for longer than non-UNICORE ropes.

Tech specs

NO. OF FALLS[UIAA] 7, [Beal Guarantee] 6


Diablo 10.2mm UNICORE

UNICORE Treatment

Sheath slippage occurs because the rope’s core and sheath are independent from one another allowing them to move freely, resulting in ropes bunching up in places or sometimes having excess sheath at the end of the rope. (If you haven’t owned a rope before, take a look at some of the ones used for top-roping the next time you go to the climbing gym.) UNICORE bonds the rope’s core and sheath together to eliminate sheath slippage, increasing a rope’s useable lifespan and making it much stronger and more durable. (Watch this video to see a strength test of a UNICORE vs. non-UNICORE rope with a severed sheath.)

Diablo 10.2mm UNICORE

Thermofluid Treatment

An infrared treatment Beal uses to stabilise the sheath fibers and therefore makes yarns more homogeneous. The result is a more compact rope with better handling qualities.

Diablo 10.2mm UNICORE

Full Features List

• Rope suitable for indoor, outdoor, and sport climbing made exceptionally durable by the UNICORE treatment
• No sheath slippage means the rope will maintain the same performance for longer
• UNICORE reduces shrinkage in water by up to 50% (a basic level of protection against the elements in a non-drycover rope) and allows for temporary cutting of the rope without it fraying
• Thermofluid treatment improves handling for overall easier belaying and clipping actions

Diablo 10.2mm UNICORE

1 Rope 1 Tree

Beal takes their environmental responsibility seriously. They divide their efforts between two main approaches. Firstly, Beal run an exceptional programme, in which they plant a tree for every single dynamic rope purchased. They’ve been doing this since 2007 and have no plans to stop! Secondly, Beal organises the recycling of ropes when they reach the end of their life. Every Beal rope is recyclable, and anyone can send their used Beal rope to one of their recycling departments, where they are broken down and reused. Top work Beal! For more info, check out their website:

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Diablo 10.2mm UNICORE
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