Wild Country Proton Sport Draw

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Wild Country Proton Sport Draw

The Wild Country Proton Sport Draw is a sport climbing innovation, utilising a deep finger and rope friendly design which makes for quick and easy clipping. The Wild Country Proton Sport Draw is also strong but super lightweight, thanks to the minimised shape.

Tech specs



• Hot forged
• Hot forged gates
• Keylock nose
• Bent and straight gate 'biners
• New variable width webbing

Wild Country Proton Quickdraw Review

"The design of the actual carabiner geometry is the clearest winner for me. The internal angles of the carabiners allow the quickdraw to hang in what seems like the perfect way maximising the strength rating (industry standard) and minimising any random cross loading or snagging of bolt hangers at the carabiner “neck” which is a problem with many contemporary designs." -British Mountain Guide Tim Neill, ukclimbing.com

To read the full Wild Country Proton Quickdraw review go to http://www.ukclimbing.com/gear/review.php?id=6369

2 product reviews

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Proton Sport Draw
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Ergonomic draw

I have only two of these and they clip well; but if I compare them with DMM Alpha sport draws, I would rather choose those over these. DMM is little better priced and handles better. Nevertheless good piece of equipment.

Worth every penny

I don't want to write a complete review of the product, many did before, I just want to share my personal opinion.

I've been using these quickdraws for a year now and I really love them. Before I bought them I had read many reviews of different products. I usually climb in sport routes, seldom multi-pitch so based on this I searched for a quality quickdraw set.

Frankly, the price tag is quite high compared to the others but when you begin to use them it will no longer be interested in how much it cost you. Above all the best thing in these beauties how ergonomic they are. You can clip, unclip so easily, not to mention the handling, grabbing, piece of cake! I'm not a fan of wire gates, non snag-free biners, narrow dogbones and when you're looking for a lightweight quickdraw these things must be taken to account. There is no middle ground, this is my personal experience, use the right tool for the right job! So the weight (120g) can't be a problem because they were designed for sport routes. I'm sure you'll be satisfied if you make this bargain.

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