Climbing Technology Tricky

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An incredibly simple and useful device for redpointing and aid climbing, allowing you to reach far away protection, bolts or anchors, bail from or equip a route with ease. Show more >
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Climbing Technology Tricky

☠️ Caution! You must not climb on above the Tricky device when leading, to progress beyond it when placed in a bolt or anchor it must be replaced with a standard quickdraw.

The Tricky from Climbing Technologies is a useful device for redpointing or aid climbing, allowing you to reach a far away piece of protection, bolt or anchor. Consisting of a specially designed carabiner, a semi-rigid 35 cm polyamide sling and CTs FIXIT rubber to hold the carabiner securely and correctly oriented for hooking into pro' at arms lengths. The Tricky carabiner has an integrated spring clip that is pulled out to securely retain the gate of the carabiner open allowing the 'biner to hook into out of reach protection then release smoothly closing the gate when the sling is tugged. Anyone familiar with a clipstick will recognise this technology.

The sling has a large loop at the bottom for a carabiner (not included) to clip the rope into but also to grab easily when aiding. The sling is also flexible enough to bend to double up on a harness gear loop to make it easier to carry and not slap in the leg you as you climb.

This system is much lighter, smaller, more convenient and easier to use than a clipstick, but won't give you the same reach. Perfect for holidays where size and weight is important or a great back-up if you might need to bail off a route urgently.

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Perfect for redpointing, aiding or when nerves gets the better of you
System consists of Nimble Tricky carabiner, semi-rigid 35 cm long polyamide sling and FIXIT rubber retainer
35 cm long reach
Easy to use - especially if familiar with a clipstick
Smooth release of the gate by tugging on the sling
Large loop for grabbing when aiding or clipping rope to
Lightweight only 90g
Can be folded in half to carry on a gear loop easily

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Just as i expected!

I want to use it in the rocks.

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