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Climbing Technology Nimble Fixbar Set NY

25 kN breaking strength, making it one of the strongest quickdraws on the market. Available in 12 or 17 cm lengths. Show more >
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Climbing Technology Nimble Fixbar Set NY

The Climbing Technology Nimble Fixbar Set NY is a robust and fully-featured sport climbing quickdraw with a slightly higher breaking strength than most other draws on the market—25 kN. This makes it one of the most durable and strongest quickdraws available, ideal for any avid sport climber, especially those who work a lot of routes. Standard sport draw features include rubber retainers to prevent cross-loading and a bent gate on the bottom 'biner to facilitate clipping of the rope. Also available as a 5 pack.

Tech specs

WEIGHT108 g / 111 g


Nimble Fixbar Set NY


• 16 mm polyamide sling
• 10 kN open gate strength
• Rubber retainers, FIXBAR and FIXIT
• Keylock nose prevents snagging

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Nimble Fixbar Set NY
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