Camp Photon Express KS 18 cm

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A lightweight 'draw designed for on-sight and multi-pitch climbing, where every gram counts. Show more >
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Camp Photon Express KS 18 cm

With a low weight of just 91 g, the Camp Photon Express KS 18 cm reduces weight on your harness for on-sight and multi-pitch climbing. Wide dogbones are easy to grab if you do take them for projecting, and the Photon's geometry has been optimised for smooth clipping on hard routes.

Tech specs



Photon Express KS 18 cm


• A premier lightweight quickdraw for high-end sport climbing
• Equipped with a straight gate Photon carabiner on the bolt end and a bent gate Photon on the rope end
• The Photon is our lightest solid gate carabiner featuring our proprietary SphereLock closure for easy cleaning
• Variable width polyester dogbones are easy to grab while projecting sport routes
• Features the proprietary Karstop Evo carabiner retainer on the rope end

2 product reviews

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Photon Express KS 18 cm
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Lightweight good action and something to grip

Really nice quickdraws. They used to come in gold and now they are green. I prefer the gold. Not much to say other than they are light, work with a beta clipstick and have a nice action. Good, premium priced, premium quality quickdraw

hautement performant

la dégaine est parfaitement dessinée; les 18 cm sont las mesure parfaite n'étant ni trop courte ni trop longue ce qui fait qu'en cas de besoin on peut s'y accrocher de pleine mais ayant un bon grip. La dégaine est légère et peut être facilement décliptée car le crochet est lisse.

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