Tendon Master - 9,7mm Complete Shield

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A slightly wider version of Tendon’s Master 9.4, the 9.7 is similarly easy to handle, lightweight and durable, thanks to the Complete Shield dry treatment and SBS... Show more >
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Tendon Master - 9,7mm Complete Shield

A slightly wider version of Tendon’s Master 9.4, the 9.7 is similarly easy to handle, lightweight and durable, thanks to the Complete Shield dry treatment and SBS technology in the sheath. Classed as a single rope, the Master’s superior manageability make it a great rope for difficult sport routes, where speed is key. We also stock the Master 9.7 in Bicolor, which means that the middle of the rope has a noticeably different pattern to the rest of it. This is super-useful when descending and aids better rope handling. The green and blue models feature a marked mid-point.

Tech specs

TOTAL WEIGHT 4.88kg (80m)


Master - 9,7mm Complete Shield


All Tendon ropes contain a microchip that links up to your smartphone or computer, which allows you to register your rope and provides you with all the information about it, such as the date of manufacture and specifications. Tenote also gives you advice on how to maintain your rope and updates you on any changes in the rope’s technologies.

Master - 9,7mm Complete Shield

Bonded Ends

Tendon use a special bonding process which binds the sheath and core of the rope together in the last 15mm, so they become one unit. This increases durability and longevity, and reduces slippage.

Master - 9,7mm Complete Shield

Complete Shield

Complete Shield is Tendon’s proprietary form of rope protection. Named Nanotech Teflon Eco technology, it is a special coating made up of tiny particles which help to block out water and dirt, and resist abrasions. This coating is applied to every single fibre in the core and sheath of the rope to provide maximum protection.

Master - 9,7mm Complete Shield

SBS - Simple Braiding System

The Simple Braiding System is a special technique used in sheath braiding, where the fibres are woven individually, instead of as a pair, which is standard practice. Not only does SBS make rope more durable and abrasion-resistant, it makes it smoother and easier to handle as well.

Master - 9,7mm Complete Shield

Date of Manufacture

All ropes have a date of manufacture printed on them - if you’d like to know the date of manufacture for a specific rope, don’t hesitate to contact one of our Gear Geeks via the chat window.

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Master - 9,7mm Complete Shield
Based on 42 ratings
gets the job done

I'd say this is a no frills rope with everything that you need but with enough thickness to keep falling without worries. It keeps clean because of the coatings and it "feels" thinner than it is. I'd buy again.

" Bee Rope " 70m

My comment for this rope after first climbing is :
1. Rope is perfect for handling
2. Rope is very easy for clipping
3. Rope has small weight
4. Rope is not twisted while I belay on gri gri

I have used this rope indoor and outdoor. This rope has attracted the attention of climbers in my club and crags in my country.

All praise of me for Rope and cooperation with EPIC TV.

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