Beal Stinger III 9.4mm UNICORE Dry Cover

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The Beal Stinger III 9.4mm UNICORE Dry Cover is a single rope with UNICORE technology and a Dry Cover treatment for increased durability, designed for high-level... Show more >
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Beal Stinger III 9.4mm UNICORE Dry Cover

The Beal Stinger III 9.4mm UNICORE Dry Cover is a single rope with UNICORE technology and a Dry Cover treatment for increased durability, designed for high-level sport climbing. The Beal Stinger III 9.4mm UNICORE Dry Cover uses UNICORE technology to eliminate sheath slippage and fraying, vastly improving its safety and meaning the rope will still function if cut or torn. Its Dry Cover treatment adds general durability, protecting the rope from water and abrasions and lengthening its lifespan. A great lightweight crag rope with a decent fall rating.

Tech specs

TOTAL WEIGHT(70m) 4.13 kg / (80m) 4.72kg


Stinger III 9.4mm UNICORE Dry Cover


In non-UNICORE ropes, the sheath and the core, even though they are tightly woven together, are independent from one another, which leads to sheath slippage and effectively reducing the longevity and overall safe use of the rope. UNICORE ropes bond the core and sheath - i.e., UNICORE. This eliminates sheath slippage, prevents the rope from fraying if it is cut or torn and thus allows it to still pass through belay devices and carabiners etc., whilst also reducing water shrinkage by more than 50%.

Stinger III 9.4mm UNICORE Dry Cover

Dry Cover

Comes as standard on all of Beal’s dynamic ropes. A treatment on the rope’s sheath that protects it from moisture and increases its abrasion-resistance, helping the rope stay dry and overall lengthening its lifespan.

Stinger III 9.4mm UNICORE Dry Cover

1 Rope 1 Tree

Beal takes their environmental responsibility seriously. They divide their efforts between two main approaches. Firstly, Beal run an exceptional programme, in which they plant a tree for every single dynamic rope purchased. They’ve been doing this since 2007 and have no plans to stop! Secondly, Beal organises the recycling of ropes when they reach the end of their life. Every Beal rope is recyclable, and anyone can send their used Beal rope to one of their recycling departments, where they are broken down and reused. Top work Beal! For more info, check out their website:

8 product reviews

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Stinger III 9.4mm UNICORE Dry Cover
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Amazing rope.

Nice price for a light and beautiful rope. Really smooth to clip on long routes and still easy to handle.

Great rope for the send

I break this rope out most often for harder trad sends. At 9.4mm, it’s a bit beefier giving me a little more confidence against getting the chop, yet light enough to reduce drag and effort. UNICORE gives peace of mind (YouTube it if you want a demonstration). It takes a few uses for the handling to be where I want it, and it seems more prone to getting twists than most of my other ropes, but it’s a great rope overall.


Found it spectacular nice colored, extremely smooth to handle and very light to carry!

Fantastic rope

In love with my Pink Fuschia rope! Perfect length and diameter for both indoor and outdoor sport climbing! A little stiff at first, but once used a few times it becomes softer and smoother! Recommend!

good handling

We ordered the rope in the color Fuschia which is an eyecatcher for sure. It is very pink but I like it.
While using it for the first time it was twisting quite a lot.
After that all was fine and its fun to climb with this rope. it glides nice and easy through your hand and the quickdraws when you take rope for clipping.
So far we used the rope with ATC and GriGri. ATC works fine but since it is rather thin, you have to hold on tighter when your partner needs a break in the wall. The use with a GriGri is really good. Automatic break in the GriGri works as its supposed to work and lowering goes smooth.
The catch after a fall didn't feel too hard but of course that also depends on the belayer.
Also nice that the rope comes with a mark in the middle, which is an important feature for me.

So yes, I recommend the rope.

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