Arc'teryx Haku Rope Bag

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The Arc'teryx Haku Rope Bag is a messenger style rope bag with a funnel loading system. There's a video on this page which will show you exactly how it works, but basically it lets you simply fold up the tarp, with the rope inside, then give it a quick shove and presto: the rope's in the bag. The Haku is best for moving between climbs without having to coil or tangle the rope. Show more >
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Arc'teryx Haku Rope Bag

The Arc'teryx Haku Rope Bag features a funnel loading system that lets you quickly and easily pack the rope without the need to stuff - I'd recommend watching the above video to see it for yourself!

The Haku Rope Bag is large enough for a 60 m rope and a few bits of gear. It's made from 210 denier nylon and nylon ripstop for a high level of abrasion-resistance, and it features nothing more than the main compartment for a streamlined, lightweight carry. This functional system is ideal for quickly moving from climb to climb on a day out without having to coil or pick up - i.e. tangle - the rope every time.

Tech specs

MATERIAL(S)210D nylon 6,6 / N210r-HT nylon 6,6 Ripstop


Haku Rope Bag


• 125cm x 125 cm/ 4' x 4' Polyurethane coated groundsheet
• Fits a standard 60 metre rope
• Internal carry strap for quick transport between climbs
• RollTop™ closure
• Funnel loading system makes it easy to pack the rope into the main compartment
• One compression strap
• Two colour coordinated rope tie in loops

Haku Rope Bag

Ripstop Construction

Ripstop fabrics are made by weaving a nylon thread in interlocking, square patterns through a base material. (You can spot its distinguishable appearance in fabrics with a raised box or diamond pattern.) As a result, rips and tears, unable to bypass this nylon barrier, are confined to one very small area and will not spread throughout the fabric.

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Haku Rope Bag
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Just perfect

Not too much, just perfect

Compact bag with a nice workflow

Packing your rope goes quite well. I like the option of having your bag half open to get you quickly moving to the next crag/route. (in this case you can also store your shoes etc)
Closing the bag fully gets the whole package quite compact.
Yet I miss having some kind of pocket for small essentials.
It looks nice though!

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