14-day Epic Return Policy

Didn’t like your product or Would Prefer a Different Size?

Good News: you can return it to EpicTV for any reason within 14 days.

To return or exchange an item you must send the product back to us within 14 calendar days of the date it was received by you. If we receive a return that is outside of this 14-day period, proof of postage must be provided to confirm the date of shipment, otherwise we will be unable to process your return. You will also be responsible for the cost of the return unless restricted by mandatory consumer law (e.g. if you have received the wrong product). To ensure that we are able to process your refund as quickly as possible, please contact us either by email at support@epictv.com or via our LiveChat (available weekdays 10am - 5pm CET) before sending your return.

We do offer exchanges on items but only for the same product of a different size or colour at the same or at a lower price; i.e. the returned product must be of a higher price than the one you wish to exchange it for, and we will refund the difference. The exchange will take place once we have confirmed the return of your product in our warehouse. (Please note that this is dependent on stock availability. If the requested product is not available in our Shop, the exchange would be processed as a return instead.)

Here’s what to do next:

  1. Download our return & exchange form: View the form here (Adobe Acrobat .PDF file, 67KB) >
  2. Print out the return & exchange form and fill out your details including order number. You will find this number in the email we have sent you to confirm your order.
  3. Post the product back to us with the return & exchange form completed.
  4. If you return the product EpicTV retains the right to claim compensation for any damages of the product that do not result from regular testing of the product’s features and functionality. This compensation will be deducted from the refund.
  5. We will consider the price of the item(s) in the refund. We won't refund you for the shipping fee if you have chosen a paid shipping option in your initial order. In the case of an exchange, you won't have to pay for the delivery of the requested product.
  6. If the product was damaged upon arrival, please do not accept the delivery. If you do not notice the damage when you first open the parcel, please contact us at support@epictv.com to resolve the return process..

State of Return

Returned items must be in a suitable condition to be resold as new. This means they must be returned with all the original packaging and show absolutely no signs of use.
You are returning the item in its ORIGINAL PACKAGING as well as any additional packaging to ensure it is not damaged during transport.
Please note do not attach anything like labels or duct tape directly on the item’s packaging.

We appreciate that you need to try things out or test them out but we reserve the right to refuse returns if it appears that a product has been excessively used or tested, as this means we cannot resell it as new.
Any returned products with a manufacturer’s seal that’s been broken will be subject to a full inspection. In this case EpicTV holds the right to withhold a refund or issue only a partial refund, depending on how much the product has been used. Items are returned at the customers expense. We suggest using Royal Mail Recorded delivery such that you receive a tracking number.

Return Exceptions

Due to certain provisions of the Labour Code, we are absolutely unable to refund or exchange any kind of personal protective equipment. Personal protective equipment includes snow and climbing gear such as slings, ropes, harnesses, carabiners, awnings, helmets, descenders, blockers, cleats, pulleys, belts, ice screws, camming devices, quickdraws and anything else designed to be used for personal protection or protection from falls. We are unable to accept returns or provide refunds for any personal safety equipment purchased from EpicTV Shop because (as stated in article Article R233-155 of the Labour Code) it's illegal to resell used safety products. And once something has left our warehouse there's just no way for us to tell whether it's been used or not.
We are unable to accept returned products that have been adapted or customised.

Warranty Policy

If you buy a gear from EpicTV Shop, chances are it will have a warranty of six months to one year, so if it breaks unexpectedly or doesn’t meet the expected standards, we will communicate with the seller and replace it free of charge.

Here are four simple steps to warrantying your products with EpicTV:

1. Please contact us at support@epictv.com before you return a product under warranty, this way we can work out what the problem is and whether a warranty will be possible. Please put your order number in the subject bar so we can track your progress easily. Any items sent back for warranty without prior contact will not be accepted.

2. Make sure your item is still under warranty. Most products have a warranty of one year, which is why it’s important to contact us. That way we can get the process underway as soon as possible, while your product is still under warranty.

3. Once we’ve worked out what the problem is, we’ll ask you to print out and complete a return form. For this, you’ll need your order number and you’ll need to explain the problem in detail so we can communicate with the manufacturer and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

4. Post the product back to us with the return form. You’ll find return shipping instructions on your original postage label. Please make sure your product is in a clean and reasonable state as this will make it easier to warranty.

A Few Extra Notes

Some warranties can take six to eight weeks to complete.

If the seller is found to be not at fault, you will be responsible for all postage charges.

Please be aware that you may be required to send pictures or videos of your item to communicate any damage or problems.

Remember to keep the original packaging. The safest way to send your product back to us is in the packaging it came in. This will prevent more damage being done in transit, which you would be held responsible for.

It’s really important to take good care of your gear. Well-looked-after products are much simpler to warranty, and while we understand that things can happen, we or the manufacturer cannot be expected to cover the cost of items that have been improperly stored, adapted or used.

Warranty Exceptions

We are absolutely unable to warranty a product in the event of:

Abuse Damage

If a product is damaged due to poor care or improper use, we will be unable to warranty it.

Loss and Theft

Products that have been lost or stolen are not covered under warranty.

Customised products

Customised items cannot be warrantied because they have been adapted from their original state.

Perishable products

Unsealed as food, solar and care products for hygiene and health protection reasons.

Internal Manipulation (electronic equipment)

Tampering with the internal components of any electrical equipment automatically voids the warranty.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send an email to support@epictv.com. We’re happy to guide you through the process and help with any issues you might have.