Kong Trapper Anniversary QuicKdraw

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A limited edition sport climbing quickdraw that will serve as a great all-rounder. Also is colourful and that's great too providing you're not colourblind. Show more >
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Kong Trapper Anniversary QuicKdraw

The Kong Trapper Anniversary Quickdraw is probably the only quickdraw pack to contain five quickdraws in five different colours. (Don't buy it just for that reason though, they are also decent draws.) The Kong Trapper Anniversary are of a standard size that's not too heavy or light, in other words a great all-round weight, and they feature a keylock nose to prevent snagging as well as a Trapper rubber retainer to prevent cross-loading. The sling is also made of high-strength, lightweight Dyneema for the best strength-to-weight ratio possible. It's a limited edition piece, so get it whilst you can.

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WEIGHT 110 g (each)

7 product reviews

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Trapper Anniversary QuicKdraw
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Bottom bent gate too stiff

I had high hopes for this draw. The price was great and they look pretty but the bottom bent gate carabiner is so stiff it is like a snapping turtle that bites your fingers when you try to clip the rope in. I will be changing out the bottom biners. Very disappointing.

Good solid quick draws in different colors

Nothing special about them, good draws for sport climbing. The color thing is cute and you can use it as a mental note for harder clips.

Great value for money

Bought these because they where cheaper tham just buying new dog bones. I feel that they're pretty basic QD's. The colors make them great for projecting/beta. I only got one throwback, anodizing is a bit soft and does scratch easily. The anodizing is a small minus when compared to price.

I don’t even feel safe using these

I was really excited about these draws. Once I received them I noticed the gates to be pretty stiff. After waiting for the rain to finally stop I took these beauties to the crag after a month of just staring at them. I climbed 10 routes on them and found that the few draws I asked for a take on to be badly damaged. The draws do not sit well in spot bolts. Also the colour is coming off very quickly. I am shocked with how horrible these draws are. I actually feel like if I would have taken a big fall my safety could have been at risk. I would never recommend these draws to anyone ever.

No one has seen such quickdraws

I mean... I really like them, they're easy to clip and look amazing. But what I like about them the most is that wow factor - there is always that one person at the crag that is amazed, because they just haven't seen anything like that before...

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