DMM Peenut Set 1-5

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The DMM Peenut Set 1-5 are a set of hot-forged alloy micro nuts, designed to work exceptionally well on fragile rock where they are less likely to cause break-offs... Show more >
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DMM Peenut Set 1-5

The DMM Peenut Set 1-5 are a set of hot-forged alloy micro nuts, designed to work exceptionally well on fragile rock where they are less likely to cause break-offs in the event of a fall. Because of their larger area of surface-contact, the DMM Peenuts are more effective at spreading out the energy generated during a fall, and as a result are more secure on weak and brittle rock where other smaller brass micro-nuts would simply rip it out of place; in short, their geometry is best suited for small flared placements. If you want to climb with the greatest possible confidence in your gear, the DMM Peenuts have been purposefully built to be dependable in undependable situations.

Tech specs

WEIGHT [Total] 63g; [1] 9g; [2] 10g; [3] 10g; [4] 16g; [5] 18g


Peenut Set 1-5

Large Surface-Contact Area

Less prone to cause break-offs when placed in weak, brittle, or fragile rock. The Peenuts larger surface-contact area allows for greater dissipation of energy generated during a fall, meaning the anchor is more likely to stay securely in place rather than pulling the rock away.

Peenut Set 1-5

Peenut Key Features

Offset tapered alloy micro nuts on wire
Hot forged
Colour coded for easy recognition

2 product reviews

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Peenut Set 1-5
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Wallnut backup for granite

These are a brilliant thing to have on granite. I haven't placed them that much, but a set of these weighs nothing, and is a nice extra backup to have, for times when regular wallnuts don't fit.

Going (Pee)Nuts

A long, long time ago, when God created our good old earth, He had already thought to throw various stones into the bowels of the mountains, but we are not sure that God had demonstrated some interest in rock-climbing. So the idea of deliberately placing stones in cracks to act as chocks and protect climbers came down to mankind which eventually gave birth to the Nuts. Years passed and the nuts evolved, now available in all different kinds and designs. Then climbers realized some special type of nut is needed for these fragile rocks and flared crack placements.
Enter the Peenuts. Nothing fits those flared peg scars like a set of Peenuts.
Staring at my No3 Peenut, 10 meters below on a route this summer I remembered why I got them in the first place. While initially treating them as fancy little toys the Peenuts have earned their permanent place among the rest of my Trad rack being the weapon of choice for those weird small placements. I now choose not to leave these lightweights behind on the deck, mainly due to them fitting where other placements are simply not available. Given their low weight they are hardly noticeable if unused, but make all the difference when drawn. Overall their versatility and usability (especially on brittle Limestone) has given me some welcome mental boost and I would give up my Hexes over these any day.

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