Black Diamond Camalot X4

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The Black Diamond Camalot X4 cam is a new take on the old and favourite Alien cam. The Black Diamond Camalot X4 has an exceptionally narrow head and highly flexible... Show more >
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Black Diamond Camalot X4

The Black Diamond Camalot X4 cam is a new take on the old and favourite Alien cam. The Black Diamond Camalot X4 has an exceptionally narrow head and highly flexible stem making it perfectly suited to small pods and pin scars. Following BD’s vast sizing range and easy to use design this will surely be a winner with hardcore trad climbers worldwide. Aluminium armor beads protect the cable stem without compromising flexibility. A narrower head width than original Black Diamond Camalots fits in more places than ever.

Tech specs

TAILLE[0.1] 8.4-13.8 mm (.33-.54 in)


Armor Beads

Aluminium armour beads protect cable stem without compromising flexibility

Narrow Head

Narrower head width than original Camalot fits in more places than ever

Camalot X4

Black Diamond Camalot X4 Review

"Conclusion: I will rack the X4s over the C3s, and if I need additional units or one that’s even smaller, I’ll supplement with the C3. I’ll also carry the X4s over the C4 in the latter’s four smallest sizes. Happily to that end, the X4s are color coded the same as the C4s (blue, grey, purple, green).

I gave the X4s the highest possible rating because they are among the best small camming units I have used, and I couldn't find a fault them." -Duane Raleigh, Rockandice.com

To read the full Black Diamond Camalot X4 review go to http://www.rockandice.com/rock-climbing-cams/camalot-x4

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Camalot X4
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One of the best small cams

Very durable, versatile. Easy to use. One of the best small cams.

Very durable but pricey

I bought the three larger ones and I really love them.
Easy to place and remove, the kevlar cable and flexible protected stem makes these beauties even more durable.
You can place them into vertical, horizontal crags and pockets. Very versatile, it "rocks" :D but...
I don't really get why so expensive they are ? Every each one of them has the same high price tag, the smallest as well the largest.
I'm not going to buy the smaller ones that's sure.

Compared to the others...
I also have DMM II Dragons and I have to admit they did a better job when ergonomic comes to mind.
The extendible sling, thumb press, triple grip cam lobes, stronger....
They are also expensive but you get more for your money.

I understand they are a bit different in size range but that money for the BD's small cams is a robbery, in the other range DMM is a better choice.

Expensive but really solid

Very handy to place and clean, quality seems superb as always with black diamond. Very light and small too. All in all this one seems one of the best cams I've seen but also maybe the most expensive. But then again, one does not buy cams every day... I'd appreciate if it would come with carabiner for this price.

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