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Black Diamond Camalot C4

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The Black Diamond Camalot C4 has been redesigned for 2019. The new design has everything you love about the C4 but is now even better. Each cam is 10% lighter, ... Show more >
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Black Diamond Camalot C4

The Black Diamond Camalot C4 has been redesigned for 2019. The new design has everything you love about the C4 but is now even better. Each cam is 10% lighter, yet just as durable as before, Black Diamond has done this by sculpting the lopes to optimise strength to weight ratio. An innovative trigger keeper feature on the large sizes #4, #5 and #6 holds the lobes closed to give more compact racking on your harness, these immediately release when you’re ready to shoot. The trigger is also wider for better handling. Featuring a twin axle design to offer the widest camming range for each unit, with a solid feel, built-to-last features, and a wide range of sizes, no wonder it is the World's best selling most trusted cam. With a C-Loop continuous cable stem design that is strong and durable and colour-coded for easy identification. A favourite amongst hardcore crack enthusiasts and alpinists alike, the old tried-and-tested gold standard for active protection has now been eclipsed by these bad boys.

Neutrino Rackpack available for easy racking (see Carabiners)

Tech specs

KEYWeight | Strength | Range
.369.8 g | 8kN | 13.8-23.4 mm
.477.5 g | 9kN | 15.5-26.7 mm
.5 93 g | 12kN | 19.6-33.5 mm
.75107.5 g | 14kN | 23.9-41.2 mm
#1123.9 g | 14kN | 30.2-52.1 mm
#2140.3 g | 14kN | 37.2-64.9 mm
#3181.1 g | 14kN | 50.7-87.9 mm
#4257.8 g | 14kN | 66.0-114.7 mm
#5348.1 g | 14kN | 85.4-148.5 mm
#6529.9 g | 14kN | 114.1-195.0 mm


Camalot C4


New design is 10% lighter
Lighter sculpted lopes optimized for strength to weight
Innovative trigger keeper on sizes #4, #5 and #6 for compact racking
Slings are updated visually for easier differentiation when racking
Double-axle design offers the widest range for each cam unit
C-Loop continuous cable stem design is strong and durable
Color-coded for easy identification and a wide range of sizes
Neutrino Rackpack available for easy racking (see Carabiners)

5 product reviews

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Camalot C4
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Very good price and color range

Very good gear and good price

Good product

I like the thumb loop as I don’t have to think when l am tired

Best camming device on the market

Some time ago I started to build my trad/alpine rack and faced quite a common problem. Which camming device to choose? There are quite many available on the market: BD, DMM, WC, KONG, METOLIUS, TRANGO etc. To narrow the list I went to our local equipment shop basically to hold them in hands and get the impression in real life, not by comments on the web. After that my "to choose from" list was cut from six to two models - BD C4 and DMM Dragon (we didn't have WC cams in our stock, so I couldn't compare them). Next step was real life test on rocks and this is the most important part. So why I chose DB C4 other DMM Dragon. First of all smoothness of closing/opening the cam, BD opens and closes smoothly like a hot knife going through the butter. Secondly, thumb loop, no matter how pumped you are you can always get your cam and place it without shakingly finding the balance in your hand and trying to close it (I had these problems with DMM Dragon, of course, it is a matter of practice but still, for newbie I presume it is much easier to work with cam with thumb loop). And third is the build quality. These cams are solid and feels like they gonna last forever. So if you are looking for real work horse - go for BD C4 cams. This is a long time investment you won't regret buying.
P.S. If BD could add an extendable sling to their cams (like DMM did) they would be out of the competition! This is the only minus I could find.

BD cam

Very good quality product and trustworthy!!!


Really good gear! Good quality. I love that you can hang the cam on your thumbs.

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