Petzl Djinn

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A classic carabiner that's great for building quickdraws and pretty much anything else you need a 'biner for. Show more >
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Petzl Djinn

The Petzl Djinn carabiner is a classically designed, clean carabiner that is ideal for those venturing into outdoor climbing. Available in both bent and straight gate versions, the Petzl Djinn carabiner has an H-shaped cross section for improved strength to weight ratio. Weighing less than 50g per 'biner, these are lightweight, durable and superb for those building up their first rack.

Tech specs

STRENGTH 23kN major, 8kN Minor, 9kN Gate open.



Key Features

Performance carabiner designed for a great outdoor climbing debut:
- large gate opening facilitates manipulations
- H-shaped cross section offers an improved strength/weight ratio
- wider contact surfaces for better rope glide and reduced wear on the carabiner
Easy to use, for efficient handling:
- nose and Keylock system helps avoid the carabiner snagging during maneuvers
- DJINN straight gate: textured area for improved grip when opening the carabiner
- DJINN bent gate: easier clipping of rope

2 product reviews

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Great for alpine draws

Bought specifically to make alpine draws (bend gates). Found them really good, ergonomic, easy to clip and rack as well.

good stuff

Widely used, for good reason. Light and sturdy, closes prompt and firmly.

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