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Send Mini Slim SI Kneepad

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Smaller, less intrusive kneepad with thin rubber designed for performance; now with silicone on the inner fabric for extra adhesion. Show more >
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Send Mini Slim SI Kneepad

The Send Mini Slim SI Kneepad features the same tried-and-tested design as the regular version but comes with super-sticky silicone neoprene on the inner fabric. For those looking for even more adhesion to the leg, the Send Mini Slim SI Kneepad's cinch-lock buckles creates a tight fit whilst the extra silicone ensures it stays firmly in place. Especially suited to anyone looking for absolute grip and minimal movement on hard knee bars.

The Mini Slim (Send's bestseller) features a smaller design that allows more freedom of movement whilst climbing and thinner rubber: best for absolute performance and sensitivity.

Tech specs

DIMENSIONS20.5" X 7.75" (52.07 x 19.69 cm) Fits most all youth and adults.


• 3mm of ultra sensitive, insanely sticky Send Rubber
• 3mm of double-sided airprene with super sticky SILICONE PRINTING for enhanced grabbing power on skin and clothing, all providing comfy, breathable performance.
• Improved durability thanks to double-sided airprene.

• Allows for EASY on/off! No more wrestling your kneepad on, no need to take your climbing shoes off, no more duct tape - just wrap, strap and SEND!

• New, Silicone printed back of our breathable airprene is even stickier! Improved adhesion to your leg and prolongs life of neoprene. Absorbs impact and provides supreme comfort. Super stretchy to fit all leg sizes. NO NEED for SPRAY ADHESIVE or DUCT TAPE !!

• Designed for freedom of movement, allowing the legs muscles to flex as the climber moves. This prevents the discomfort that occurs with over tightening OTHER kneepads.

• The Cinch-Lock Buckle allows for fast and secure tightening, easy loosening, and fast removal. This buckle never slips, you can tighten it as much as you want, the more you pull the more it grips.

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Mini Slim SI Kneepad
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Since the band can be controlled freely, it fits even from the top of the pants.

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