Send Large CLASSIC Knee Pad

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A thicker, larger knee pad that will suit amateur knee-barrers or climbers looking for the best durability and comfort. Features 4.3 mm of Send Rubber with 3.8 mm of airprene on the inside for maximum breathability and adhesion. Also features Cinch-Lock buckles for the most secure fit. Show more >
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Send Large CLASSIC Knee Pad

The Send Large CLASSIC Knee Pad is Send's larger knee pad with thicker rubber and thicker neoprene to give you more durability and comfort when knee-barring. The Large CLASSIC features 4.3 mm of sticky Send Rubber on the outside, a thickness which will suit amateur knee-bar climbers or those looking for extra durability and comfort. 3.8 mm of breathable, sticky airprene on the inside of the pad provides secure and firm adhesion to the leg without the need for duct tape or spray adhesive, and it also absorbs impacts and softens blows. Tighten it down with the Cinch-Lock buckles and you know this pad won't be going anywhere.

Tech specs

DIMENSIONS23" X 9.75" (58.42 x 24.77 cm). Fits most all adults


Large CLASSIC Knee Pad


• Uses the absolute stickiest climbing rubber available
• 4.3mm of thick and durable brand NEW Send Rubber
• 3.8mm of one-sided airprene for comfy, super sticky, breathable performance
• Wrap-Around Design allows for easy on/offs without the need to take climbing shoes off
• Sticky neoprene inside allows for maximum adhesion to the leg
• Soft neoprene absorbs impact and provides supreme comfort
• Super stretchy so fits all leg sizes
• Designed for freedom of movement, allowing the legs muscles to flex as the climber moves. This prevents the discomfort that occurs with over tightening OTHER kneepads
• Exclusive Cinch-Lock Buckle allows for fast and secure tightening, easy loosening, and fast removal. This buckle never slips, you can tighten it as much as you want, the more you pull the more it grips

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Large CLASSIC Knee Pad
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Sleep like a bat!

With these excellent kneepads you will be able to stick and rest in every kneebar that you can find! These är the big ones, consider getting the medium ones since these are pretty big and often the medium ones is enough. Or why not get one of each?

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