La Sportiva La Sportiva Knee Pad

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La Sportiva La Sportiva Knee Pad

The La Sportiva Knee Pad has a layer of 4mm ultra Grippy Rubber, which is attached to a layer of elastic neoprene. To fasten the kneepad there are 3, 20mm straps which can be adjusted to provide you with a great secure fit. In between the rubber and the neoprene, there is a layer of plastic material which is there to protect your leg. Your knees will thank you for buying this kneepad, no more scrapes and cuts, better friction on kneebars and less tired arms. What's not to love?


La Sportiva Knee Pad

› 4mm Layer of Ultra Grippy Rubber
› 1.1 mm Layer of plastic material LaspoFlex
› 3 mm Layer of neoprene of
› Layer of Lycra® on top of the neoprene’s layer
› Two Velcro’s band for better placement around the leg before closing with slings
› Two inserts of elastic fabric high abrasion resistant as connection to the slings
› Two 20 mm La Sportiva slings for closing system
› Two buckles for fast and adjustable closing system doable with one hand

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La Sportiva Knee Pad
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