Petzl Quark

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The Petzl Quark is a climber's best friend when it comes to ice climbing or technical mountaineering. Weighing only 465 g (not including accessories), the Petzl... Show more >
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Petzl Quark

The Petzl Quark is a climber's best friend when it comes to ice climbing or technical mountaineering. Weighing only 465 g (not including accessories), the Petzl Quark is super light weight, making it a great option for snowy colouirs, and it's curved shaft allows for great performance on steeper slopes. The handle is ergonomically designed to ensure good grip with your gloves, and the lower end of the shaft is able to efficiently wade through thick snow. The ice pick is interchangeable, and tapered for deep and secure penetration of the snow and ice, as well as shaped to hook securely on rock as well as ice. A super versatile, lightweight gem of an alpine tool.

Tech specs

MATERIAL(S)Aluminium, steel, glass fibre reinforced plastic




• Shaft curved below the head and GRIPREST QUARK handrest at the bottom of the shaft to protect the hands on ice climbs
• Shaft has a steel spike and is straight enough for use in piolet-canne mode
• Shaft is hydroformed for optimal grip in the middle of the shaft, for snow couloirs
• Over-moulded, bi-material handle provides good grip while insulating from the cold
• TRIGREST QUARK and GRIPREST QUARK handrests strengthen the grip on difficult sections
• 550 g with PANNE or MARTEAU
• ICE pick is tapered at the tip (3.3 mm) and versatile across all terrain: snow, ice and mixed
• Compatible with MASSELOTTE weights to modify the balance and improve the inertia of the ice axe
• Entirely modular head allows the technical aspects of the ice axe to be adjusted
• Compatible with Petzl accessories: PUR'ICE, MINI MARTEAU, MASSELOTTES...
• TRIGREST QUARK handrest is height adjustable without tools
• GRIPREST QUARK handrest folds in easily for planting the ice axe in snow
• Connection hole is compatible with V-LINK elasticated loss-prevention webbing
• Only 465 g, not including accessories

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The tool you've always dreamt

Imagine you're stranded on an Hawaiian beach, with the temperature near 40°C. Pretty nice uh? However, I'm a mountain guy and I hate to sweat without conquering peaks.
What's the best dream you can have in that moment?
Mine is that someone brings me a block of ice, with a cup of Mojito.
Well, the ice came. But it's too big to be placed in the Mojito glass. I suddenly remember of a gift that I've left in the backpack.. Petzl quark!
They are the perfect fit: the handle is comfortable, the blade cuts smooth the ice, the ham let me to reduce the big block in smaller parts. Weight of this axe feels magic and I don't need to put any effort to accomplish my goal. Finally, it's the first time that I can enjoy my holiday at the sea, Thanks Petzl Quark!


C'est un piolet polyvalent par excellence , et très rassurant on court de progression !

Best All-Round Axe

SUPER! In all conditions, for ice climbing, alpinism , north faces... I love it

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