Grivel The North Machine Carbon

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A technical ice axe for high-grade mountaineering, alpinism, and Scottish gullies and ice, with a lightweight and durable carbon shaft. Available with the Ice Blade and a Hammer or Adze option, or with the Ice Blade and neither Hammer nor Adze to save weight. Show more >
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Grivel The North Machine Carbon

The Grivel North Machine Carbon is a super-strong all-round ice axe, made from lightweight materials for a long-lasting, durable tool. A perfect companion for high-grade mountaineering, alpinism, and Scottish gullies and ice.

What makes the Grivel North Machine Carbon so strong? Well, half of the reason is in its name, and the other is in its pick. The new G-bone shaft is constructed from super-light, super-strong carbon, which stays warm in cold conditions and is ergonomically shaped along the entire length for maximum ease-of-use. The chromoly steel head is also lighter, stronger, and more durable, ideal for use in ice axe blades.

The North machine Carbon is compatible with the Ice blade+ (designed more for the mountains as it has and adze and hammer) and the slightly thicker Mix blade which is ideal for Scottish mixed climbing and dry tooling.

Tech specs

WEIGHT550 g (with adze or hammer); 450 g (no adze or hammer)
MATERIAL(S)Chromoly Steel, 2 G-Bone Carbon Composite
RATINGT-Rated (400 kg)

2 product reviews

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The North Machine Carbon
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Great ice axis!

I was impressed about its lightly and design. Very good handgrip and flexible for different mountainering activity. I'll suggest it to everyone!

No comment

A great tool with a not so great paint job :)

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