Edelrid Atilla Tec

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Edelrid Atilla Tec

The Edelrid Atilla Tec is a T-Rated ice axe for general mountaineering and ice climbing. It's quite versatile, with a curved shaft, spike for plunging, and a retractable hand rest that can be deployed when climbing then closed for cleaner plunging. The T-Rating of both the pick and shaft makes the Atilla Tec strong enough for harder mixed climbing and building belays with, and it even has a marker set up to show exactly where to set up your T-anchor. Another feature is the thermoplastic handle on the head of the ice axe which will keep your hands warmer when walking with the axe.

Tech specs

RATINGT / Type 2
MATERIAL(S)(Pick) Hardened Steel, (Shaft) Aluminium, (Grip) Thermoplastic


Atilla Tec


• Ergonomically-shaped thermoplastic grip
• Patented, fold out hand rest (no tools required)
• Hardened steel spike with opening to accommodate a carabiner
• Centroid marking for T-anchor buildup
• Grip tape supplied
• Accelerator can be fitted to improve penetration in hard ice

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Atilla Tec
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Good design, but premature implementation.

When I first saw the retractable hand rest of this ice axe I thought why nobody made this earlier? In my opinion it's a much better design than a sliding hand rest. On ice up to 80 degrees the tool is very convenient to use, on steeper ice you have to weight your ice axe harder and your pinky quickly starts to hurt because hand rest is rather narrow compared to one of ice tool or Grivel's Easy Slider, Petzl Griprest etc, but I think it's not a big deal - anyway you'd better have an ice tool for such steep ice. The pick is made of quality steel, the spike has big opening, so in this area everything is great, although maybe it would make sense to make the pick changeable. As any other technical ice axe it performs worse in self arresting than a straight shaft axe, nothing can be done here, you have to choose.
So all in all it could be a rather good tool, BUT after 2 weeks of intense use the black plastic on the side of hand rest got broken. Although the hand rest still works it's clear this is a design flow, this part should be made of metal or at least higher quality plastic. I'll have to to glue it with epoxy because no spare part is available.

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