DMM Freedom Leash

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Thanks to its longer length, the DMM Freedom Leash provides the freedom of leashless climbing with the security of a leash; features a clip-in point to haul yourself back up in case you fall the but axes hold. Show more >
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DMM Freedom Leash

The DMM Freedom Leash is designed to give you the freedom and feel of leashless climbing with the security of knowing if you do drop your ice axes, you'll be able to retrieve them. The DMM Freedom Leash has a clip in point halfway up. If you fall off but your axes hold, this allows you to clip a sling into the leash and pull back to your axes. A feature you hopefully won’t have to use, but will be glad of if you do.

This item is purely intended to prevent dropping your tools. At no point should you rely on it to provide security.

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Freedom Leash
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