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The Petzl Sitta is an absolute classic comfortable and light to wear climbing and mountaineering harness from the brand. Whether you are on big walls or ice climbs... Show more >
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Petzl Sitta

The Petzl Sitta is an absolute classic comfortable and light to wear climbing and mountaineering harness from the brand. Whether you are on big walls or ice climbs, the Petzl Sitta gives you the support and comfort that you need, thanks to it's Wireframe Technology construction. This technology provides optimal load distribution and avoids pressure points through the Spectra® strands woven into the waist belt and leg loops, allowing you to be uninhibited in your climbing. What we really like is the ability to also seamlessly carry all your essentials along with you; there are not only two rigid high-capacity front equipment loops, but a rear loop for a haul rope, two rear equipmet loops to ease the load while wearing a pack, and a removable separator for keeping you rack in order. Created with Bluesign fabric, this harness is helping to sustain the earth, as well as you on the rock.

Tech specs

WEIGHTS 240g M 270g L 300g
SIZE RANGE (WAIST)S 67-77 cm, M 74-84 cm, L 81-92 cm


Climber Review

The Petzl Sitta charged onto the harness scene causing quite the stir with it’s simple yet effective design and bright colours. Petzl have been in and out of the top spot of harness manufacturers for the past few years, especially since Arc’terx released their ultra-comfortable and lightweight (albeit expensive) range of harnesses some 5 years ago, which blew a lot of people away, if you had the cash to spend.

With the Sitta, Petzl have decided to go all out on manufacturing cost to create a harness that packs down easily, is comfortable and has enough gear racking options for almost anyone. This makes the Sitta a great all-rounder, capable of mixed climbing and mountaineering, challenging trad routes, as well as being comfortable enough for prolonged sport climbing sessions.

We all know that wider padding isn’t necessarily more comfortable, and although the Sitta looks like a glorified piece of dental floss, I was pretty blown away by the comfort on hanging belays and when taking falls. This must be down to the new Wire Frame technology that Petzl has employed on the waist and leg loops, which is similar to the design of the Arc’teryx harnesses, and distributes the load evenly throughout the width of the fabric. The waist belt is also stiffened width ways for greater spreading of load.

The gear racking options include four generous gear loops and a smaller one at the back to take just a couple of carabiners. The front two loops have a stiff “backbone” and a separator that splits it into two sections which can be slipped backwards or forwards. There are also two Ice screw racking tool loops, one on each side in a sensible place. This combination of features makes it versatile for carrying a large mixed climbing rack. It took me a bit of time to get used to the separating system on the front and it can be easy to get carabiners clipped over the sliding separator, but after the first few days it was much easier to rack.

I’ve yet to use the harness in really warm conditions, but it seems it will be breathable enough, although it isn’t aiming to be the most breathable harness, so if you’re looking for next to skin comfort, it might be worth looking elsewhere.

Overall I’ve been very impressed with the Sitta harness, which although a little on the pricey side, comes in as a more professional option for the mountain enthusiast. It’s certainly an all-rounder that means that someone like me who pursues most types of climbing and mountaineering (including skiing) on a day-to-day basis can reach for just one harness pretty much every time.

- Dave Searl


Bluesign is an international standard for fabric production which ensures that stringent environmental, safety, and efficiency standards are met by any fabric bearing its logo. Bluesign fabrics use fewer chemicals, less water, safer processes, and highly efficient manufacturing techniques to ensure that the creation of your new jacket, rope, or backpack doesn’t destroy the world you use it in.


Petzl Sitta Key Features

WIREFRAME Technology construction:
- Spectra® strands are used in the waistbelt and leg loops to give optimal load distribution without the use of foam
- the extremely thin waistbelt and leg loops offer a sleek design, with compactness and light weight pushed to the maximum.
Comfort and durability:
- the use of bonded fabric in the waistbelt avoids pressure points and gives optimal wear resistance
- the lack of through stitching eliminates chafe and pressure points in the waistbelt
- the elasticized fixed leg loops and very supple leg loop bridge give great freedom of movement
Easy adjustment:
- DoubleBack HD buckle in forged aluminum has a slim, rounded design that offers good handling and smooth strap glide for quick and easy waistbelt adjustment.
- the ribbed adjustment strap helps prevent accidental loosening
Fully equipped:
- reinforced tie-in points in high-tenacity polyethylene for improved resistance to wear from rope friction
- two rigid high-capacity front equipment loops
- a removable separator for organized racking and quick and easy access to your equipment
- two supple rear equipment loops to avoid creating pressure points when wearing a pack
- two integrated CARITOOL tool holder slots
- rear loop for haul rope
Eco-designed harness, made with Bluesign fabric, which respects the objectives of optimizing resource productivity, consumer safety, professional hygiene and security, and of reducing air emissions and water pollution.

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First version sucks, 2nd version is great

The first version of Sitta had problems with the straps holding up the leg loop but that is fixed in the later version. Now the harness is great.

Perfect harness, slightly hard to unpack

Overall this harness is just great. Super lightweight, a lot of functions and really comfortable. The only issue I have is in the moment you take it out of the sleeve it comes in. It is always tangled and you should be wary that the leg loops might be rotated of inside out. Always double check your leg loops on this harness before putting it on. Nevertheless a great harness!


Léger, confortable et polyvalent...

A perfect light sports climbing harness

I moved to Sitta after having a BD Momentum & Chaos and it feels so lightweight. It packs into a tiny case and it's very convenient for the gym and outside. I like the color too!

Lightweight, Comfortable and Packable

I had to give this harness a 5 out of 5, I've been looking for a sport climbing harness that would that would have it all. I wanted something lightweight and packable as my main priority and was willing to give up some comfort for it (even though I wanted something really comfortable). I was able to try one from a friend of mine and just knew I had to buy it because petzl somehow managed to tick all the boxes. It is a little pricey as it is a top of the line harness but it is worth it as it packs incredibly small like smaller than your shoes, it's so light that you almost forget about it when climbing and is suprisingly really comfortable, like I can seriously hang in the
thing for hours

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