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The Petzl Hirundos climbing harness is a top of the range, clean-looking harness that is perfect for sport climbing and fast and light mountaineering. The Petzl Hirundos climbing harness is very lightweight thanks to the Fuseframe Technology construction, preventing the discomfort of pressure points during use. The harness features no crossing seams, thus preventing friction zones and helping you to feel as unrestricted as possible. The four gear loops have been designed with the quick moving climber in mind, as there are two rigid font loops to easily access, as well as two flexible back loops to work alongside your backpack, without creating unwelcome pressure. Made with Bluesign fabric, this harness helps sustain the planet, as well as your endurance on the rock.

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Petzl Hirundos Features


FuseFrame Technology

The Petzl Hirundos harness features FuseFrame Technology which is a thin, compact, lightweight construction that offers excellent weight distribution and minimizes pressure points.


DoubleBack HD buckle

The Petzl Hirundos harness features a DoubleBack HD buckle in forged aluminum which have a slim, rounded design that offers good grip and fluid glide of the webbing for easy and quick adjustment and tightening of the waistbelt.


Four Gear Loops

The Petzl Hirundos harness features two rigid front gear loops for easy access to draws and gear. Two soft gear loops at the back sit flat under a backpack and create less friction.


More racking possibilities

The Petzl Hirundos harness features two Caritool compatible slots which offers more racking possibilities when ice climbing


Petzl Hirundos Key Features

Optimized weight and comfort:
- clean design of the FUSEFRAME Technology construction offers excellent weight distribution and minimizes pressure points
- thermo-formed foam allows incorporation of strength elements into the layer of foam and thus avoids having pressure points on the yokes
- compact, lightweight waistbelt in thin foam
- no compression points or friction zones on the waistbelt because there are no crossing seams
- fabric fused with the foam for better weight-bearing over the entire harness
- very flexible leg loop attachment bridges for more comfortable walking and climbing
- fitted elastic leg loops give complete freedom of movement

Easy adjustment:
- DoubleBack HD buckle in forged aluminum has a slim, rounded design that offers good grip and fluid glide of the webbing for easy and quick adjustment and tightening of the waistbelt
- retainers for webbing

Complete equipment:
- reinforced tie-in points in high-tenacity polyethylene for improved resistance to wear from rope friction
- four equipment loops: two high-capacity rigid ones in front for quick and easy access to equipment and two flexible ones in the rear to avoid creating pressure points with a backpack
- two integrated CARITOOL tool holder slots

Rear loop for haul rope
Two rear elastics on detachable buckles to avoid crossing leg loops when donning harness
Eco-designed harness, made with Bluesign fabric, which respects the objectives of optimizing resource productivity, consumer safety, professional hygiene and security, and of reducing air emissions and water pollution


Petzl Hirundos review

"This is one of the lighter and more breathable harnesses we tested. It is marketed toward sport climbers but one of our reviewers, Ian Nicholson, uses as it his go-to alpine harness. It is 25 percent lighter than the Black Diamond Alpine Bod and dries fast because it is so well ventilated. It doesn't have adjustable leg loops, but most of our reviews find that feature to be overrated, even for alpine climbing and mountaineering." -Chris McNamara ⋅ Founder and Editor-in-Chief, OutdoorGearLab

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Bluesign is an international standard for fabric production which ensures that stringent environmental, safety, and efficiency standards are met by any fabric bearing its logo. Bluesign fabrics use fewer chemicals, less water, safer processes, and highly efficient manufacturing techniques to ensure that the creation of your new jacket, rope, or backpack doesn’t destroy the world you use it in.

Tech Specs
MATERIALnylon, polyester
RECOMMENDED USESports climbing, Alpinism

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Arnes super ligero y comodo aunque a simple vista parece poca cosa, muy contento.

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