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Arc'teryx AR-395a Harness Men's

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The Arc'teryx AR-385a Harness Men's is up there with the more expensive harnesses, but if you're willing to spend a little extra, you'll get durability and versatility in a harness that does everything and will last. It has everything you need to rock, alpine, and ice climb, all in a comfortable, hard-wearing design. Show more >
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Arc'teryx AR-395a Harness Men's

The Arc'teryx AR-385a Harness Men's is a high quality all-round harness for women. If you're looking for an extra durable harness that will work on everything, one that has a high build quality and long lifespan, this is it.

The AR-385a Men's is designed with versatility in mind, with features that are suited to rock, alpine, and ice climbing. Four polyurethane gear loops are hard-wearing and rack gear securely, and four ice clipper slots are especially useful for climbing long ice routes or organising screws. Adjustable leg loops accommodate extra layers in colder weather, providing a secure fit. The Burly™ Double Weave material is strong and flexible, and the laminated elastic webbing in the adjustable leg loops extends rebound life. As for comfort, the AR-385a features Arc’teryx Warp Strength Technology™ that equally distributes weight across the harness. And the "quick hooks" on the rear of the leg loops let you go to the bathroom without taking the harness off.

This is Arc'teryx's do-it-all harness that will endure the abuse of rock, snow, and ice.

Tech specs

WAIST SIZE (CM)(XS) 71 - 76, (S) 76 - 81, (M) 81 - 88, (L) 89 - 98
LEG LOOPS SIZE (CM)(XS) 52 - 56, (S) 55 - 59, (M) 58 -62, (L) 62 - 66
MATERIAL(S)Burly™ Double Weave four-way stretch fabric / 7075 T6 aluminium anodised buckle / Type 66 nylon webbing / Polyurethane gear loops


AR-395a Harness Men's


• Part of the AR (All Round) collection
• Wear safety markers on belay loop and tie-in points
• Four ice clipper slots
• Self locking buckles
• WST™ (Warp Strength Technology) load is evenly supported across entire harness structure
• Stainless steel quick hook on the rear leg elastic permits using the bathroom without taking off your harness
• Stretchy mesh storage bag
• Four gear loops
• Adjustable leg loops enable a precision fit with varying layers

2 product reviews

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AR-395a Harness Men's
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Excellent Harness

Despite the cost of this product it is excellent with light weight and fits with a unique way.It is a good choice for ice climbing and mountaineering.

Expensive, but definitely worth it

First of all, this is one expensive harness. But, I will paraphrase review that I read about some other Arc'teryx product: "Arc'teryx is know for not being cheap and also Arc'teryx is known for not being cheap". Like any other Arc'teryx product that I own, build quality is top notch. Also, it is made in Canada if that means anything to someone. When it was a time for a new harness, I considered this one and 2 other harnesses from other manufacturers. The thing which made up my mind in paying a premium for this harness is how actually comfortable it is. When wearing it, I don't feel it, literary. Once I realized that I was wearing a harness in the bus while returning from the mountains because I never noticed that it was still there :) I will not name other manufacturers, but harness from one of them was great construction wise but for my body it felt really uncomfortable just for trying it for a few minutes.
So far I used it in the gym, for sport and trad climbing, as well in alpine environments and for ice climbing. It excelled in all conditions. Definitely a great all around harness.

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