Edelrid Kestrel Pro Dry 8.5mm

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The Edelrid Kestrel Pro Dry 8.5 is an extremely robust half/double rope with the Pro Dry treatment. Durably water-repellent and dirt-resistant, the Edelrid Kestrel... Show more >
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Edelrid Kestrel Pro Dry 8.5mm

The Edelrid Kestrel Pro Dry 8.5 is an extremely robust half/double rope with the Pro Dry treatment. Durably water-repellent and dirt-resistant, the Edelrid Kestrel Pro Dry 8.5 is fully protected against water absorption and from freezing in cold temperatures, with an abrasion-resistance and smooth handling that make it ideal for all winter environments.

Tech specs

TREATMENT(S)Pro Dry, Thermo Shield


Kestrel Pro Dry 8.5mm

Pro Dry Treatment

Edelrid's Pro Dry ropes receive the highest level of protection Edelrid offer. First, Edelrid treat the core yarns, then, after the braiding process has finished, they treat the core and sheath together to produce a rope that is durably water repellent and dirt resistant, able to dry quickly, absorb virtually no water, and are resistant to freezing in cold temperatures. This finishing also improves the gliding characteristics of the individual fibers, which makes the rope more abrasion-resistant and extends its lifespan. Pro Dry is the first ever finishing process that makes it possible to produce extremely narrow diameter ropes without compromising on performance.

Kestrel Pro Dry 8.5mm

Thermo Shield Treatment

The Thermo Shield Treatment is a heat process that stabilises individual yarns, ensuring the rope stays soft, supple, and pleasant to use throughout its working lifetime.

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Kestrel Pro Dry 8.5mm
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Great Half Ropes

I bought a pair of these to replace my 10-year-old set.
The first great thing I noticed was that the packaging includes a slot to pull the rope through to uncoil it correctly. such a simple thing but it made my day.
The ropes are supple and smooth to use. Great handling and nice to clip.
The price was great also. I'd recommend to anyone.

Smooth handling, light weight half ropes

After using other climbers half ropes for the last few year I decided it was time to get my own. I wanted half ropes that are light weight and have the potential to last (so hard wearing). Having climbed on a partners pair of these I found them really nice to handle and in good condition. My new ropes have had their first outing and felt really nice to handle, really light weight, secure when top roping and well behaved when being packed away.

nice handling double

grabbed this a while back and only got to use it recently. Very nice handling and feel to this rope. Used it double on some short single pitch climbs. Light weight and feels easily. Need to be aware when lowering as it flows through some devices quite easily. Great half way marks ans has stood up to being dragged across rocks really well.

Pair of half ropes

The ropes are very nice to handle. Seems to be good value.

Good pair of trad climbing ropes

We bought two ropes, the aqua blue and the flame, 2 great colours. They run very smoothly and we just have to test them to see if they durable as they seem to be. Good quality-price relation

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