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Zlagboard Pro

The Zlagboard.Pro is a performance fingerboard for beginner to advanced climbers, with specific training programs developed by some of the world’s best trainers to get you training appropriately and effectively from day one.

The Zlagboard.Pro isn’t just a standalone fingerboard you will have to spend hours pondering over, researching new routines every time you progress. Vertical Life have collaborated with expert coaches from all over the world, including the likes of Café Kraft, producers of one of the bestselling training handbooks of all time and trainers to the likes of Alex Megos, to produce individual and precise workouts relevant to this particular hangboard and your level, so you can get the most of its training from day one of use. Perfect for the climber who wants to track their progress, raise their level, and climb better.

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Zlagboard Pro & Training App

Watch this video from Zlagboard to find out how the Zlagboard and its training app works!

Zlagboard.Pro & training app from Vertical Life on Vimeo.

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Zlagboard Pro
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